Hello fellow citizens,

My name is Raena and I created Open my Mind to help people who need advice. I have recently learned that people open up more if they don't know the person who they are talking to. I also want to show people that someone who doesn't know you at all can care for you just like someone who sees you every day. But don't worry users, this website is anonymous if you would like it to be. I'm not going to threaten your life if you dont give me your real name. But you also don't need to have questions to come in here and look around. You can also go to the rant page to discuss anything you'd like.  

You gals and guys don't have to tell me any details of the situation you are in, just what you need help with. If you go to the I give advice on page you can see what types of questions I answer and what types of questions I will not.

If you like what you see and you know someone else who needs advice please feel free to tell them about Open my Mind!

If you would like to know more about me please visit the Me page.

And..if you would like to leave your testimony for me go to testimonials.

You can contact me via this email: immortalfaith4@yahoo.com or of course through this website.



Welcome to Open my Mind.

"Don't forget who put you up...who put you down...and who was still standing there when you were broken and crying."

Is your boyfriend treating you like you don't exist? Are your friends teasing you about something you didn't do? Does your mom not like who you are with? Did your sister or brother do something that they can't tell you? Does your boss treat you disrespectfully? Are you having trouble in school? Too much teasing, aching, and heartbreaking? Ask Raena! :)


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